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Parental control software.

Most parents want to ensure that their kids are not exposed to inappropriate material while surfing the Internet. There is no substitute for keeping a keen eye on your kids online activities.

Protecting Your Kids From Their Cell Phones.

Many parents are understandably reluctant to give their children fully featured cell phones, complete with texting, email, cameras, web access and video games. (For buying advice, read our article Cell Phones for Kids: Important Buying Advice.) News reports of teens sending explicit text or photo messages can give grownups nightmares, as can outrageous bills for hours-long calls to friends or excessive downloading of ringtones and games. Continue reading

Using your Cell Phone Overseas? Here’s How..

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Consejos Y Sugerencias a la Hora de Comprar un Celular..

Tu celular

Muchas veces tal vez te ha pasado que tienes que elegir entre varios modelos, y más hoy en día que es constante el lanzamiento de nuevos modelos. Sigue estos pasos y tendrás el mejor celular en tus manos .. espero que te ayude esta guia

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