Mobile Device Questions?

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7 responses to “Mobile Device Questions?

  1. Does the HTC HD2 T9193 from Australia support AT&T 3g internet speeds here in the USA?

  2. Yes it does! As long as AT&T is using the 850 MHz radio in your town you should be able to use the 3G Network of AT&T.. I truly can speak about it since I just sold mine 2 weeks ago, I had use the HTC HD2 T9193 from AU on AT&T 3G networks just fine.. AT&T will be spending a lot of money in the near future to make the complete switch to the 850 MHz frequency all over the USA..

  3. Thanks for the question Jeff! Here’s a link showing the map of it.. Let me know if that help you to answer your question.

  4. OMG!!!! Kilkvio???!!! this is Jeff in piqua that u got the tilt from… I keep running into you bro! hilarious

  5. hey kilvio , how can i update my samsung the net framework or whatever its called. thnx bro.

  6. Of course! Here is what I know about that, since your phone is a CDMA phone we will have to some how get the update from Samsung or wait for Verizon to do it.. I will do a little more of research about that. Thanks for your question Manny and if you or anyone else for that matter have a question, come to this blog where we will do the best to answer those questions.

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