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FREE easy-to-use software for back-up and recovery

GFI BACKUP home edition is my first PC backup recommendation for the average user.  GFI Backup replaces the old Titan Backup.

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Transfer programs, and files effortlessly.


PCmover by

PCmover is a migration solution that can transfer programs, files and user settings across an entire office, network or organization of PCs. Whether upgrading your office computers, setting up new employees’ workstations or installing new software on multiple PCs, PCmover makes PC migration faster and easier than ever for your organization.

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The Easiest Way to Send Large Files to Anyone -Free is the easiest way to share a bunch of files with friends, family or anyone in the world. There’s no registration required to use the website. You just go to the home page and start sending files.

TransferBigFiles does not limit the amount of space your account can use, the only storage limit is that your files may not be larger then one (1) gigabyte.

Files are stored for up to 5 days or until the download limit of 20 downloads is reached.

Next time you need to send a large file use try

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Symantec Backup Exec™ System Recovery 2010 Desktop Edition

Symantec Backup Exec™ System Recovery 2010 Desktop Edition is a simple, cost-effective backup and recovery solution for small businesses that helps minimize downtime and avoid disaster by easily recovering individual data files/folders or complete Windows desktops or laptops in minutes – not hours or days – even to different hardware, virtual environments, or remote locations.

Key Features

  • Backup desktops and laptops automatically, without disrupting employee productivity, and save to any disk storage device
  • Recover complete systems in minutes to same or dissimilar hardware with Restore Anyware™ Technology, including support for Windows 7
  • Restore individual files and folders in seconds using the built-in search tool or Google Desktop
  • Enables offsite Backup Copy to FTP location or secondary disk drive for enhanced disaster recovery capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Recover what you need, when and where you need it, including individual files, folders or complete systems in minutes, even to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments.
  • Manage your business not your backups with proactive data and system protection, all from an easy-to-use, wizard-driven interface
  • Replace time-consuming, manual and error-prone processes with fast, reliable, automated recovery to dramatically minimize downtime and avoid disaster
  • Centrally manage backup and recovery tasks for multiple desktops/laptops across your entire organization (via Backup Exec System Recovery Manager)
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