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FREE easy-to-use software for back-up and recovery

GFI BACKUP home edition is my first PC backup recommendation for the average user.  GFI Backup replaces the old Titan Backup.

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Protecting Your Kids From Their Cell Phones.

Many parents are understandably reluctant to give their children fully featured cell phones, complete with texting, email, cameras, web access and video games. (For buying advice, read our article Cell Phones for Kids: Important Buying Advice.) News reports of teens sending explicit text or photo messages can give grownups nightmares, as can outrageous bills for hours-long calls to friends or excessive downloading of ringtones and games. Continue reading

Save wet electronics with these 5 tips

Ever dropped a cellphone in the sink, or your i-Pod in a swimming pool? I’ll take you through a few simple steps you can take to try to resuscitate soaked gadgets.

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The Facebook Virus… Beware!

Facebook virus is affecting the popular social networking site

“Hey, I have this hilarious video of you dancing. Your face is so red. You should check it out”.

If you’ve received a message like that through Facebook or MySpace, you may have been exposed to the “Koobface” virus.

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