T2 Training


3.20.10 @TechDJ~

Superior Networks LLC is sponsoring free online technical training. Our focus is network administration in the Microsoft Windows environment.

It’s our goal to provide curriculum both written, and video that will encourage subscribers to apply their knowledge on live Microsoft training servers on the Internet for free! Subscribers of this blog can login and practice network admin skills.  I hope that we will all learn and share knowledge at the Computer Questions page or in the Live Chat along the way.

We will begin our beta testing any day now. Stay Tuned!

Please leave a comment below if you would like to help me beta test this project. (You will be given exclusive administrator access to a Windows Server 2008 Server & Windows Workstation -(XP or Vista)


Q. What progress has been made so far?
A. 3/20-Hardware has been acquired.  Both Public & Private IP address has already been provisioned. We will be ready to accept beta testers Soon. (please leave a comment below)

Q. What are the server specs and how will they be configured?
A. Specs? The environment is virtualized running on an Intel SE7500CW2 Server board. 1gig of ram to be upgraded soon to 4gigs. (1) Xeon 1.8 GHZ.  The host OS -Ubuntu 9.10 ‘Karmic Koala’ will run VirtualBox.  Performance permitting both Server 2008 & Windows Workstation -(XP or Vista) will run in Virtual environments on the back of the Intel SE7500CW2 board (we’ll see!).

Q.How will we access the Server?
A.To begin with you will use RDC – Remote Desktop Connection to access the server.  As we progress I expect to open up VPN access also.

Q.Wont the 2008 server get hacked? What If I mess something up?
A. It probably will. But that’s okay.  Quite frankly it happens in the real world! So… we’ll learn how to counter-act the threats in a safe non mission critical environment. If & when it happens we’ll discuss it together, & fix it – together.  In the worse case all virtual machine Images have been frozen in & can be rolled back to a previous state with a keystroke.

Q.What curriculum will be outlined?
A. TBD – (Basic network admin concepts. (DNS, DHCP, WEB Hosting, Permissions, VPN, ……)


2 responses to “T2 Training

  1. ITuser07 (Ryan)

    Hey DJ, I would like to be a beta tester!!

  2. You got it! Thanks for following this project!

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