Is Facebook developing an operating system?

Isn’t the company getting the most traffic on the net developing an operating system?

It’s true that Google is working to release it’s chrome operating system,  however Google is no longer getting the most U.S Vists. Facebook is!

Facebook is not developing an OS, at least, not yet! However the site the gets the most hits per day seem to breed innovation! At this point anything is possible; including an OS.

HitWise has reported that for the week which ended March 13th, Facebook surpassed Google as the site to get the most U.S. visits. Facebook also was #1 for the weekend of March 6th and 7th (as well as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day). This further illustrates how Facebook’s rankings aren’t a fluke.

Facebook is quickly gaining on Google for overall site visits from people in the United States, and may soon take over that coveted number one spot permanently.

Visits to Facebook last week increased by 185% over the exact same week in 2009. However, Google only showed an increase of 9% in the same time frame. The two sites combined for a whopping 14% share of all Internet visits from the U.S. last week.

The graph above (provided by HitWise) shows Facebook’s dramatic rise in visits over the past year:

The site has over 400 million users to date, and is turning into the main destination for millions of Web users worldwide.

Google is more than just a “search engine” these days, and Facebook is proving to be formidable.

Are you a Facebook fanatic? Are you Google feign? In this epic battle who wins?


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