Transfer programs, and files effortlessly.


PCmover by

PCmover is a migration solution that can transfer programs, files and user settings across an entire office, network or organization of PCs. Whether upgrading your office computers, setting up new employees’ workstations or installing new software on multiple PCs, PCmover makes PC migration faster and easier than ever for your organization.

What can PCmover Migrate?

  • Installed applications and their associated settings/registry entries, including any custom software
  • User Accounts (Domain and Local), including non-regular users
  • Entire drives, folders and files of any file type
  • Application add-ons, including CRM add-ons integrated with MS Outlook
  • ODB Connections, including ERP reporting add-ons and other client/server application add-ons
  • Wallpapers & Screensavers
  • IE Settings, Cookies & .INI files
  • Control Panel Icons (not moved by default)
  • Other “PC personality” elements


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