Skype and Windows Mobile Devices..

Changes to our mobile lineup.
By Peter Parkes.

The last couple of weeks have been busy in the world of Skype on mobile. We’ve announced our partnership with Verizon in the US to deliver free Skype-to-Skype calls in the US and internationally to its 91 million subscribers – a significant step.

As part of our continual review of our mobile range, we’ve decided to make a few changes to our lineup. Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Phones are no longer available for download. This isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly, but the reason is simple. Neither of these apps offered a great Skype experience.

Skype Lite only works in a small number of countries. Where it does work, making a call requires you to use up your allocation of minutes from your mobile network, making the Skype-to-Skype calls sort-of-free-per-minute rather than actually-free-per-minute. And with the latest version of the Windows Mobile OS, it’s been increasingly challenging for us to maintain an app which behaves as you’d expect on a wide range of handsets without working with a mobile operator partner.

And that’s why we’ve removed these apps from our site. However, if you already use one of these apps, you can carry on using it – we’re not disabling them. If that’s the case, we’re assuming that you’re aware of its limitations, so we don’t want to prevent you from carrying on. Additionally, where we can work with mobile operators to make these apps work well – which is what we’re doing with Verizon – we’ll do just that.

Finally, where we can make downloadable Skype apps truly great, we’ll shout from the rooftops. And if you haven’t already tried it yet, you should try Skype for Symbian. It works on over 200 million smartphones – yours may just be among them. Alternatively, if your phone isn’t on our list of supported devices, you should grab a Skype To Go number to make great value calls to phones abroad.


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